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only foundations remain from the original town
The only remaining Buildings are from a recent Mining Company

the roof is gone
This Building stored some of the Core samples

This is a newer mining building from the 1980s
Even more Buildings

the new miners worked, but did not live in Ward
The Interior is a Mess

In 1877, the town of Ward was one of the largest towns in White Pine County.  The town supported an ethnically varied population of approximately 1,500 miners, merchants and their families.   During Ward's "boom", almost one million dollars worth of lead-silver-copper ores were extracted from the nearby mines.   The Martin White Company, Ward's main developer, built an aerial tramway, and extensive smelting and milling facilities around the community of Ward to transport the rich ores.   In 1876, the Ward charcoal ovens were built to manufacture charcoal for use in Ward's ore roasting furnaces.   By 1878, the declining quality of the ore deposits prompted miners to abandon Ward for the newer boom town of Taylor.   Much of Ward was physically moved to Taylor at that time.  In 1883, fire struck Ward and destroyed one third of what remained of the town.   Ward officially died in 1888 when the post office closed.   As our pictures show, there was renewed mining activity in the 1980s.

core samples are cylinder shaped rock cores drilled from deep in the earth
More Core samples

core samples are cylinder shaped rock cores drilled from deep in the earth
A better view of what core samples look like

all equipment is missing
A work room

report from August, 1985
Some of the paperwork we found

Ward Cemetery

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