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the interior is in fairly decent condition...except for the kitchen
This is the Main Building in Tippitt

this building was used by ranchers
One of Several Buildings in the Area

Tippitt is located in the eastern part of Nevada. Although we have no information about Tippitt, it is obvious by our exploration that Tippitt was not a town, but rather a "waystation" at the long ago busy crossroads of the Antelope Valley.  Early travelers were provided with lodging, supplies, and automotive repair.  Power lines that are now cut once supplied electricity to Tippitt.  Fresh water is still available today.  The stable and corral areas are in such good condition, we think that the local ranchers may occasionally use Tippitt during cattle roundups.

this building was also used by ranchers
Another Tippitt Building

inside these doors is a pit that provides access to the undercarriage of cars
This Building Was The Auto Repair Shop

this building will provide good protection from the rain
This looks like it used to be a Guesthouse

wooden stakes were used to make the fence
This Building was used as a Stable

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