Steve & Gary


the stable is made from logs
The Tippitt Stable

this log fence surrounds a large portion of the property
Steve Takes a break on the Stable's Fence

Tippitt was a fun place to discover.  Most of the buildings are in good shape and would provide an excellent dry place to camp.  Although Tippitt is well secluded, it is located at the intersection of two dirt roads that provide the only access through the Antelope Valley and over the Kern Mountains.  Wood and water are both available.

there are many vehicles and parts scattered over a wide area
Abandoned Cars in the Automotive Section Of Tippitt

body frame or engine
This is the Body of an old International Truck

NO! that's not an abandoned car....that's our Cheap Jeep
This Building is located by the two Ponds

Gary found a sheep's hide, head, and feet inside here
Gary checks out another Tippitt Building

Flight Picture

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