Steve, Gary, Cat, Jim, Laura, Derek, Pat & Rob (several trips)


this is the first building we saw
A Log Cabin on the outskirts of Sprucemont

this is the second building we saw
One of the many Wooden Buildings in Sprucemont

there are buildings all over the mountain
This one is Nice Enough to Live In

notice part of the Cheap Jeep in the corner?
One of the Many Wooden Buildings in Sprucemont

High on the most easterly mountain slopes of Nevada lies the town of Sprucemont.  In a setting of pine and spruce forest, this once beautiful town was established after a lead silver strike in 1869.  By 1871, five mines and a smelter were in full operation.  Sprucemont had livery stables, saloons, a butcher shop, post office, blacksmith shop, and, surprisingly, only a population of 200.  The main street is located a few miles from the mining area.  Operations ceased in 1872 when the smelter could not handle the district's lead silver ores sufficiently.  Work resumed at intervals until 1874.  Other companies, experimenting with new smelters to treat the ore, worked the mines with limited success.  By 1880, Sprucemont only had 50 miners left.  Sprucemont's on again, off again revivals produced a total output of less than $3 million.

I wonder if I should go in there?
Derek checks the Condition of this Building

this building is almost covered by overgrowth
This Building appeared to be a Messhall

we had to hike to many buidling
Buildings Everywhere

this was a big place
More Buildings

More Sprucemont

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