Steve, Gary, Cat, Jim, Laura, Derek, Pat & Rob (several trips)


it rains up here a lot
Gary checks out some Buildings

double chutes
Ore Bin

these will be the last to fall
Two log Cabins

Sheep Camp
Building located on the east side of Spruce Mountain

Summer thunderstorms are common in these mountains.  To avoid the rain, we usually camp in a building.  If the roof is good and a wall is missing, we can drive the Cheap Jeep inside to keep our gear dry.  Sprucemont offers a well secluded area in a beautiful mountain setting with lots to see.  Groups of buildings can be found over a large area.  Most of the mines in the area are unsafe to explore due to the high water content in the mountains.  The interior support timbers are rotted away, and the rock walls are loose.  Camping in Sprucemont is excellent.  Firewood and water are plentiful.  It would take several days to explore everything.  Most all of the mining machinery is still intact.  The picture of the Steam Engine and Air Compressor fails to show the massive size.  These, along with other buildings and items, can be seen on our video...GHOST TOWN TRAVELS.
NOTE:   The several buildings located in Sheep Camp are near the road going east from the Black Forest mine.   The road is very steep and rocky.   Although we have never been stuck or damaged driving up (west), others have.   Exercise caution, or drive the long way around the mountain back to the highway.

there are a lot of buildings in this area, too
Building in the Sheep Camp area

this is at a lower altitude
More Buildings in Sheep Camp

located in the middle of the Sheep Camp area
A small smelter

we usually camp here
The Black Forest Mine

notice the front wheels are off the ground
The Cheap Jeep climbing the road from Sheep Camp to the Black Forest mine

Flight Picture

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