Steve, Gary, Derek & Jeff


I'm NOT sleeping in here!!
Derek stands in front of one of the few Remaining Buildings

Derek isn't up YET!!! (he is still in the bag)
Our Campsite at Rockland

Gold was discovered in the Rockland area in 1868, and by 1870, the town had saloons, stores, a post office, express office, and a population of 150.  The ten stamp mill was burned down by a disgruntled miner after a pay dispute.  The post office was discontinued in 1872, and thereafter, Rockland had its ups and downs.  The district became active again during World War 1, and operations shut down for good in 1934. Very few buildings remain today.  Those that have survived are in very poor condition.

this little hole is the door to a massive mine
The entrance to The Rockland Mine

we camped by the mine entrance
The Mine Entrance is Behind Gary

The Rockland Mine

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