Steve, Gary, Derek & Jeff


there's a lot to see in here
Steve deep in The Rockland Mine

I'll go up as far as I can
Gary climbed several hundred feet up this Ladder

The interior of the mine is massive. The mine has multiple levels both above and below the main entrance. Each level extends outwards in several directions for several thousand feet. It would take two or three days to completely explore this mine.
UPDATE! We are getting reports of ICE in the mine. Don Post visited this mine in June, 2002 and provided the picture of ice at the mine entrance. Since that entrance is half-way up the mountain, and there are levels both below and above the entrance, we wonder if the lower levels flooded and are now permanently blocked.

notice the broken ladder support
Gary climbs back up from his Decent into a Deep Pit

these carts are in GREAT condition!
Jeff Examines one of three Ore Carts

where's the wheel?
An Ore Cart without one Wheel

picture courtesy of Don Post
Ice blocks the Entrance in June, 2002

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