Steve, Gary, Cat & Jim (Derek, Rob, Pat & Todd) (several trips)


someone is maintaining this building
The Best Building in Pine Grove

is it sinking, or is the sand rising?
This Building Is Still Standing After All These Years

After gold discoveries in the Pine Grove hills in 1866, a mining camp called Wilsonville quickly came to life.  Renamed Pine Grove two years later, the town had a population of 200.  In 1870, Pine Grove had five saloons, three hotels, variety store, hardware store, Wells Fargo agent, dance hall, blacksmith shop, stores of general merchandise, barber shops, shoeshine shop, school, oxen yards, livery stables, two doctor's offices, and two steam powered stamp mills.  Pine Grove's population peaked at 600.  By 1893, the mines were worked only intermittently.  Various mining activity took place up until the 1960s.  Pine Grove is well secluded.  Plenty of wood is available for campfires.

only the camshaft and flywheel remain
The Remains of a Small Outdoor Stamp Mill

we could park the cheap jeep inside if it rains
Glad to See This One Is Still Standing

we could sleep in here
The Best House in Pine Grove

which way should we go?
Pat, Steve & Rob In The Pine Grove Mine

Pine Grove Cemetery

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