Steve, Gary, Cat, Jim


the cemetery overlooks the town
The Metal Fence Has Stood The Test of Time

long forgotten souls
Many Graves Don't Even Have This Much

both died 1909
Edward & Alice Stewart both Died in 1909

there are many unmarked graves in the area
We Were Surprised the Wooden Fence Was Still Standing

this headstone is in great shape
Daniel James Dorsey. Died 1886

someone maintains this
At First This Looked Like Any Other Grave (see next picture)

she is an angel now
15 Year Old Alice Maria Robinson Died 1868

also several quarters
Someone Is Putting Angels on Her Grave

Alice is still loved
This Is a Weatherproof Angel Container placed Here By Jim McElhaney
The Plaque Reads: Alice, I Know You Are One Of God's Angeles Now. You Have Touched My Heart. Jim Mclhaney.
Why Does Jim Grive For This Teenager Who Died Long Before He Was Born?

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