Steve, Gary, Derek & Jim (several trips)


this is an interesting town
Buildings are spread over a large area

buildings were scattered all over the area
Another Frisco Building

buildings are made of both stone and wood
This Building won't last much longer

one of several stone buildings
A well built Stone Building

The Frisco mine appears to be massive.  The vertical entrance located at the headframe (see picture on previous page) reeks of an odor that we believe to be sulphur.  Due to this, and other unknown odors, we considered this mine too dangerous to explore.  Frisco is located just north of a paved highway.  The cemetery is accessible, but the roads to the town and mine are gated.  Access requires making your own road across the desert.  Once there, camping can be considered secluded.  Plenty of scrap wood is available for a campfire.  The highway is visible from most parts of the town.  After visiting Frisco several years ago and while on a non-ghost town related flight, we made a fuel stop at Milford airport.   We were told that a Jade Buddha was discovered in Frisco and sold for a million dollars.

located on the east side of town
The Charcoal Kilns at Frisco

one of these is falling down
This Kiln was used to reduce logs to charcoal

The Frisco Cemetery

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