Steve, Gary, Derek & Jim (several trips)


this is a large cemetery
The Frisco Cemetery

Frisco cemetery
Graves are everywhere

daughter of William and Ann James
Rachel James 1872 - 1883

did they die together in a terrible accident??
John Smyth 1824 -1882 and Susanna Smyth 1826 - 1882

The Frisco Cemetery is located in the foothills below and about a quarter mile from the town.  This once active cemetery now contains many unmarked graves.  Although many stone headstones enclosed by metal fences still exist, the wooden markers and fences have all decayed.

life in these towns was especially hard on the children
Carrie Emma Thompson March 1891 - June 1891

this headstone now lies broken on the ground
Roswell Hopkins 1852 - 1879

this headstone no longer stands
Tommy James 1882 - 1883

several metal enclosures still stand
Burton Barrett died 1896 aged 3 days

the other graves are now un-marked
The Last Wooden Marker.  The Writing Has Long Since Faded

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