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auto & machine parts were stored in these buildings
Some of the Buildings at Majuba

this building was used for storage
One of the Many Buildings in the Area

Majuba is a town that may never have existed.  This group of buildings and mines is located at the mouth of Majuba canyon in the Majuba mountains.  As with most people attempting to locate abandoned ghost towns, we occasionally stumble across an interesting site while we are looking for a particular town.  Such was the case here.  Majuba, a name we gave the site due to its location, is not listed in any ghost town reference books that we could find.  This site contains everything that could constitute a town or mining camp.  There are several buildings, mining equipment, and of course, a mine.  The "Last Chance Mine" as our topo maps call it, is not nearly as extensive as other mines we have seen.  This indicates that it must have been a small scale operation.  Several buildings contained paperwork that indicated a single family last occupied the buildings and worked the mine.
UPDATE:  During the 2007 trip, we discovered that all wooden structures, including the headframe have burned to the ground.  Flash flooding has washed away almost all indication that Majuba ever existed.  The mine and two old cars, along with the damaged grave markings remain.

this was used as another storage building
This Building looked like a Barn

the far building was a residence
More Majuba Buildings

this might be worth some bucks!!
A really old Car

we found food in mason jars stored here
The Last Chance Mine

More Majuba

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