Steve, Gary, Cat, Brian, Derek, Rob, Brad and Pat (several trips)


can we rent a room here?
The remains of the Hamilton Hotel (1988 trip)

each year we lose a little
The Hamilton Hotel during our 2008 trip

so much scrap metal
Old Abandoned Mining Equipment

This is all that's left of Hamilton.  Rich silver discoveries led to the establishment of Hamilton in 1867.  Several thousand prospectors flocked to the area in spite of the poor climate.  A population of over 10,000 supported 101 saloons, 59 general stores, a few dozen lawyers, doctors, fire companies, churches, miner's unions, banks, jewelers, theaters, skating rinks, dance halls, auction houses, a soda factory, breweries, pawnbrokers, gunsmiths, express facilities, and a newspaper.  Decline began as early as 1870, and by 1925, the town was completely abandoned.  Equipment from the nearby mines lies scattered around the area...put there several years ago by a modern day mining company.  Today, Hamilton lies totally deserted. Hamilton can be seen on our video GHOST TOWN TRAVELS.

these were standing in 1988
The remains of two wooden Buildings

weather and vandalizm have taken their toll
The way Buildings looked during our 1988 visit

very few buildings are left
This Building still stands

not much left
Typical of Hamilton

Hamilton Graveyard

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