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it's much bigger than it appears
The remains of the Hamilton graveyard

many graves are now unmarked
Most Graves are unreadable

the best wooden headstone we've seen in a long time
This one is barely readable

lived just 14 months
Kenneth Linn Paul

lived just 19 days
Charles Henry Paul

lived just 41 days
William John Paul

at least it's marked and protected by bricks

This is all that's left of the Hamilton graveyard.  Many are buried here but few are marked.   The harsh weather and conditions of the times contributed to the short lives of many of the Hamilton residents.   Three of the graves above tell us that tragedy hit the PAUL family particularly hard.   Kenneth Linn Paul lived just 14 months.   His brothers didn't even last that long.   Charles Henry Paul died after 19 days and William John Paul died after 41 days.  The grave of 19 year old Mary Casey below tells us that this teenager was a native of Cambridge, Massachusetts and was buried by friend Isaac Phillips.   Was he a boyfriend?   We'll never know.   This graveyard can be seen on our video GHOST TOWN TRAVELS.

rest in peace, Mary
The grave of Mary Casey

a friend buried Mary.  What happened to her family?
19 year old Mary Casey's headstone

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