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the mill is located within the town
The Grantsville Mill

this building was used by modern day mining companies
One of Several Buildings in the Area

When silver was first discovered here in 1863 this mining town was quickly built in Grantsville Canyon.  In 1877, a 20 stamp mill was built, and by 1879, the population grew to 800.  At its peak, Grantsville was comprised of 10 general merchandise stores, a hardware store, blacksmith shops, assay office, tin shop, furniture store, jewelry store, post office, print shop, and several saloons.  Town site lots sold for $500 each.  Many buildings remain in the area today.

there are many brick and stone buildings in the area
The Remains of a Brick Building

the mill is in the background
This add-on appeared to be a Cooking Area

this was a good building to camp in if it rained
This Brick Building appeared to be a Schoolhouse

core samples from recent activity were found in here
This Building was also in Good Condition

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