Steve, Gary, Derek, Rob, Brad, Pat S., Pat M., Jeff, Dale, Cat, Jim & Laura (several trips)


this is also in good shape
Another Brick Building

we could sleep here if it rains
One of the few Wooden Buildings Left

this one is UNUSUAL!!
A Home built with Stone

Grantsville's first decline was in 1885.  The town's on again, off again life has continued throughout the years due to improved mining methods.  A large portion of the town was destroyed in the 1980s by a modern day mining company.  Grantsville is completely abandoned today.  According to our research, a graveyard is in the area.  So far, both a ground and air search haven't been able to locate it.  With both wood for campfires and water available, Grantsville is an excellent place to camp.  Grantsville is featured on our video  GHOST TOWN TRAVELS.

UPDATE: After searching for the cemetery for many years, we finally located it in 2011.  There is no longer a road up the hill to the cemetery.   Hiking in is the only way to see what little is left.   Only mounds and depressions mark the site, along with fallen wooden markers and one standing perimeter fence post.

if you look closely, you can see the town in the background
This fence post gave away the location of the Cemetery

no stone markers that we could find
Only piles of wood mark the graves

no wonder this graveyard was so hard to find
Another grave marked only by fallen wooden markers

Flight Picture

The Grantsville Mine

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