Steve, Gary, Derek & Jim (several trips)


we camp here during every visit
The two best and possibly only remaining Cabins In Gold Springs

the rear wall has fallen out
The larger of the two Cabins

Located 12 miles north of a Utah highway is the town of Gold Springs.  Most of the town buildings have fallen.  A little looking will reveal several piles of wood from former structures.  The two cabins pictures here have withstood the test of time and make an excellent place to camp.   Farther up the dirt road are the remains of the mill.  It is not worth the trip, as all structures are now piles of wood (see next page).   The now destroyed mill was once a modern 100 ton per day plant built by the Jennie Mine.   The great financial panic of 1907 destroyed the mining operation at Gold Springs.   Bankrupt mining companies were unable to meet their payrolls.   Then store owners quit giving credit, and began boarding up their buildings.   A special train was hired to bring stockholders to Gold Springs to prove the Jennie Mine was still full of gold ore, but the bankers had no money to loan, and left the Jennie Company broke and Gold Springs a vagrant with no means of support.   Out of work miners left town and by 1910 Gold Springs was deserted.   Gold Springs is well secluded in a pretty mountain setting with plenty of wood for camping.

this one is in better shape
The smaller of the two Cabins

we spent the night in Gold Springs
We set up camp between the two Cabins

The Gold Springs Mill

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