Steve, Gary, Derek & Jim (several trips)


this is now a pile of wood
The Gold Springs Mill before it was destroyed

most of the equipment had been removed long before the mill was destroyed
Another view of the once great Mill

This is how the Gold Springs Mill appeared when we first discovered it.  The pictures below show how it appears today.   Many years ago when the mill was still standing, one of our trip members (Cat) inquired about purchasing the mill and property.   She discovered the cost of liability insurance was excessive and never bought the property.   Apparently, the present owner (Mike Reynolds) decided the best way to limit liability was to tear down the mill and post the property.   The many piles of wood remaining in the area are now more dangerous than the once standing mill building.   It is sad that this piece of history had to fall into the hands of someone who didn't appreciate it.   We have been hunting ghost towns since 1972 and never had any desire to shoot a sign full of holes until we discovered the mill ruins and the sign pictured below.   We did NOT shoot it.

the outside panels are metal
Another Building destroyed by the owner

this mill is not any safer now
The cement foundation remains along with piles of wood

This WAS the Gold Springs Mill

we should have shot this full of holes...but we didn't
Sign posted by Mike Reynolds

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