Steve, Gary, Derek & Jim (several trips)


we camped by the headframe
Part of the Frisco Mine

this was a big operation
This Ore Bin has 6 chutes

this was the average condition of the buildings
One of the many Buildings in Frisco... & Our Cheap Jeep

After silver was discovered in 1875, the town of Frisco was born in the San Francisco mountains.  In order to process the silver ore, a smelter and charcoal ovens were also built.  With a population of over 4000, Frisco boasted over 20 saloons, several hotels, schools, churches, brothels, numerous stores, and even a hospital.  A mining disaster in 1885 brought production to a halt.  A short revival in the early 1900's put Frisco's total output at over $70 million.  The ore finally ran out in 1920, and the town was abandoned.

near the headframe
We can sleep in here if it rains

mining equipment was all over the area
This Engine Driven Cable Spool now stands silent

this mine smells of sulphur and is not safe to enter
The Vertical Shaft at the Headframe

More Frisco

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