Steve, Gary, Cat, Jim & Derek (several visits)


this building even has a cellar
Remains of a Delamar Hotel

no good roof on any building
Remains of more Buildings

Gold discoveries in 1890 led to extensive mining operations in and around the area that was soon to become known as Delamar.  The district's fortunes rose when Captain John De Lamar purchased the principal claims in 1883 for $150,000.  The newly named town of Delamar quickly grew, and by 1896 contained many business structures and dwellings built of native stone.  The mill was processing up to 260 tons of ore each day.  Delamar became the primary ore producer in Nevada, accounting for over half the state's output between 1895 and 1900.  Obtaining water at this high altitude became an ever increasing problem.  Silica dust from the mines claimed many lives from the town's 3000 citizens.  Major mining ceased in 1909.  A short revival took place between 1929 and 1934.

nothing in here
Cat Investigates the Remains of a Rock Building

this building would become our campsite
Derek tries his Cell Phone from the Highest Building

can't sleep in here, guys!
Derek looks for a Good Camping Spot

discovered during our visit
A 10 gallon water Token found at Delamar

discovered during our visit
Another Token found at Delamar

More Delamar

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