Steve, Gary & Derek


hey, there's some wood in here!!
Steve in one of Delamar's Mines

we had to transport firewood up to our campsite
Gary looks for Loose Wood on The Mill Foundation

Only stone buildings and a wooden mill foundation mark the site of Delamar.  Various mines are scattered throughout the mountains.  One mine near our campsite required us to make a rope decent down into a 100 foot pit before we could reach the entrance.  The cemetery is located several miles outside of town.  From our high altitude campsite, well secluded Delamar offers a spectacular view of night time military maneuvers over the desert floor...and possibily even flights over the famous Area 51.  The only available wood is located at the mill foundation.

it was a rough & dangerous climb up to this building
We Camped inside the Highest Building in Delamar

many people are buried in this cemetery
The Delamar Graveyard

the metal fences have survived
The Delamar Graveyard

died in 1896
This Young Mother Lived 23 Years

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