NOTE** Cerro Gordo Is Occupied**

Steve, Gary, Rob, Brad, Pat S. & Pat M. (2 trips)


there's life down there
Cerro Gordo as seen from the KD Radio Airplane

no private baths in these rooms
The "American House" Hotel

Silver discoveries in 1865 soon led to the birth of Cerro Gordo.  At nearly 5000 feet above the now dry Owens Lake, Cerro Gordo's mining machinery was originally hauled in and lifted over cliffs with an ingenious block and tackle system.  Later, a steep 8 mile dirt road was constructed, and supplies were transported by mule teams.  After a few years, a tram system was constructed to transport the ore down the mountain.  When the ore was unloaded, the tram buckets were loaded with supplies for the return trip up the mountain.  In 1959 the tram house and machinery were taken down and transported to Candelaria, Nevada.  Some towers, cables and ore buckets remain.

this building is in good condition
Although Broken, Some Glass Still Remains

there used to be a tram system here
Things are Scattered Everywhere

these buildings are used for storage
More Cerro Gordo Buildings

this town is a fun place to explore
Steve, Rob, & Pat in Front of the Hotel

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