NOTE** Cerro Gordo Is Occupied**

Steve, Gary, Rob, Brad, Pat S. & Pat M. (2 trips)


there's a lot of neat stuff in here
Gary Checks out a Wood Burning Stove

this was probably used by the blacksmith
An Old Bellows

how many bottles of beer on the wall??
Lots of old Bottles here

The town of Cerro Gordo has been occupied for some time.  During our 1983 visit, we were told by the only occupant that he was a guard for the mining company that would soon be working the area.  Our next visit in 1990 revealed that Cerro Gordo was still occupied and that long term plans included making the area a tourist ghost town.  As far as we know, camping is not permitted.  We do not recommend camping at the hot spring between the bottom of Cerro Gordo road and Highway 395.

these items remain because the town is occuipied
Cerro Gordo Artifacts

these items remain because the town is occuipied
More Cerro Gordo Artifacts

some furniture remains
Inside The "American House" Hotel"

this is the ONLY trip we took a trailer
The Cheap Jeep and Trailer in Front of Mine Tailings

some furniture remains
Sadly, The "American Hotel" burned to the ground June 14, 2020

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