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NOTE** Bodie Is Occupied**

Steve, Gary & Derek


lots of mining equipment is laying around
This is an old boiler dated 1878

this safe is still in good condition
This safe is located in the remains of the Bodie Bank

Gold was discovered here in 1859.  The town of Bodie rose to prominence with the decline of mining along the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  By 1879, Bodie had a population of about ten thousand, many of whom patronized the town's 65 saloons.  Robberies, stage holdups, and street fights were common.  As much gold remains under Bodie Butte as was taken out, some $75,000,000 worth, but the vast number of tunnels and shafts under the Butte and town are collapsing into one another.  Water fills the lower levels.

Bodie in 2002
More Bodie Buildings

most every part of value has been removed
Vehicles from Bodie's later years

More Bodie

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