Steve, Gary, Derek & Jim (several trips)


this one has a good roof
One Of Several Buildings In Aurora

ore samples are still inside
Another Of Aurora's Buildings

While searching for water and game, a prospecting party discovered gold and silver quartz ledges in the area in 1860.  By 1861, despite the difficulty of obtaining lumber, the town of Aurora had an 8 stamp mill and over 2000 citizens.  Sam Clemens mined for gold in 1862, then worked in the stamp mill for $10 a week plus board. Sam sent lively sketches about life in Aroura to the Territorial Enterprise in Virginia City.  Clemens was eventually hired as a reporter for the Enterprise, where he ultimately adopted the famous pen name, Mark Twain.  By 1863, Aurora had twenty stores, a dozen hotels, 21 saloons, and two newspapers.  The population grew to 10,000.

not much remains inside
The Only Remaining Mill

we found TONS of paperwork in here
The Mining Company's Operations Building

that roof isn't any good!!
Steve Looks Over Another Wooden Building

I doubt this one is still standing
A Building On Its Last Leg

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