Steve, Gary, Derek, Rob & Jim (several trips)


I found water down there
Gary is Deep in the Aurora Mine

come on up...its safe!
Derek climbs a Ladder Deep in the Aurora Mine

In 1864, inflated mining stocks, extreme speculation in mining properties, the immense sums of money expended in building mills, mismanagement, and a miscalculation of the value of the known ore, all contributed to the decline of Aurora.  By 1869, surface bonanzas were exhausted after they yielded over $29 million.  Within a year, half the population had moved.  Aurora mining resumed briefly in 1906, then on again, off again until 1946.  A modern day mining company destroyed most of Aurora in the 1980s.  Although the main part of Aurora, including the cemetery, is fairly easy to get to, south Aurora is a little tougher, more secluded, and a much better camping spot.  Relatives of those buried at Aurora will occasionally travel to the cemetery to maintain the graves and leave plastic flowers.

well kept, isn't it?
The Aurora Cemetery is About 3 miles from Town

Senator Boring died in 1872
Steve views the Grave of a Senator

died in 1829
One of Hundreds of Graves

top grave ...1896    bottom grave...1887
More Graves

More Aurora (2011 trip)

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