Gary, Steve, Cat & Jim


These are trip pictures. Complete pictures of all the towns we visited can be viewed by clicking on the individual town buttons found on the main page

all packed and ready for the 2010 ghost town trip
Departure Day...Gary, Steve, Cat & jim

camping at the Cardinal Mine
This was our first evening of the 2010 trip

this WAS a really nice pan
Gary impresses Cat with his new cooking pan

we need more firewood
Steve chops wood while Gary cooks

our first morning
Morning at the Cardinal Mine

no wood at Delamar, but there's some here
Breakfast at Helene

didn't we camp here last year??
The Littleboss Mine is a great place to Camp

we ended up here late in the day after looking for the Joshua Ward cabin
Camping high in the Butte Mountains

plenty of wood here
This was a nice place to camp

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