MORE 2010 GHOST TOWN TRIP (page 2)

Gary, Steve, Cat & Jim


These are trip pictures. Complete pictures of all the towns we visited can be viewed by clicking on the individual town buttons found on the main page

This time we went down the mountain to Sheep Camp
Sprucemont, the evening of day 4

Gary was right (lucky)
A Thunderstorm hit us while we were camping

we waited out the storm in a building
We had to cover the Cheap Jeep

and we are dry
Breakfast in Sprucemont/Black Forest mine

a cold front rolled through Nevada for 2 days
Steve checks the campfire in a rainstorm at Cortez

gotta get this rat crap outta here
Cat cleans the floor of our Cortez cabin

night temps were in the high 30s
All cozy in a Cortez cabin with a good roof & floor

we covered the broken windows and doors
Breakfast after the all night storm

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