Steve, Gary, Cat & Laura


this has a NEW roof
One of several Buildings in Tybo

this also has a new roof
Another Tybo Building

Tybo was born in 1866 after an Indian led white settlers to the location where he had discovered gold.   Individual digging gave way to larger developments after a major lode was discovered in 1871 and a smelter was erected in 1872.  The town soon boasted a population of 1000 with a school, newspaper, post office, Wells Fargo office, bank, many retail business, and of course, several saloons.   Problems began when the company that owned the charcoal burners hired Chinese workers to cut the wood that fired the kilns.   Racial problems combined with the quality of the ore dropping in 1881 led to a population declined down to 100 people.   In 1884 a fire destroyed 32 buildings.   Several attempts to revive the area have all failed.   Tybo is still occupied today, but the activity seems concentrated on protecting the site rather than mining the ore.

probably a bank or store
Another Building

the building windows are not broken.  Gary & Cat argued about how old the glass was.
Metal Headframe at Tybo

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