Steve, Gary, Cat & Brian (several trips)


pottery made by Art's wife was sold here
Art lived here with his Wife and Dog.
This House Has Burned Down

this building is empty today and the trees that Art used to water are dead
Art stored many Artifacts in this Building

Tunnel was more a company camp than a town.  Organized in 1927 to build a 100 ton cyanide mill and drive a tunnel into rock workings of the old Seven Troughs mines, Tunnel contained about 30 buildings including a store, bunkhouse, bathhouse, powerhouse, and superintendent's house.  The 2.25 mile long tunnel was constructed to eliminate drainage problems that overwhelmed the Seven Troughs Coalition Mining Company.  Although this tunnel cut through several promising gold veins, wet ground was encountered, and costs soared.  All work eventually ceased in 1934.  On again, off again mining continued until the 1950s.
UPDATE:  We discovered during the 2007 trip that the friends we had made at this town during our first visit years ago have passed on, and some of the buildings have burned to the ground.  Both Art and his dog Ginger have traveled in our Cheap Jeep.  Ginger is buried in the graveyard.

Art even had a lake at Tunnel
Ginger and Art..Caretakers of Tunnel

this building is going downhill fast without Art
Art's Storage Building Today

why did his house burn?
This was Art's bathtub

how strong could this be?
Note The Hollow Bricks

these bricks are unusual
This Brick Building Was Probably The Powerhouse

the equipment is long gone
Part Of The Mining Equipment Supports

stamps are used to crush the ore
A Small Stamp "Mill"

More Tunnel

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