Steve, Gary, Cat, Derek, Brian, Jeff, Todd & Jim (several trips)


this is the first building you see
One of the Many Buildings at Troy

these buildings are in great shape
Several Troy Buildings

Troy was established in central Nevada in 1867 as a silver mining town.  By 1871, Troy had a blacksmith shop, two general stores, a boarding house, school, post office, and a population of 70 miners and their families.  Since Troy is somewhat inaccessible, the buildings show little signs of vandalism.  Even some of the furniture still remains in the various buildings.  Doors and woodburning stoves still function.  The stone construction used in most of the buildings provides resistance to the elements.

UPDATE Most of Troy was destroyed by a fire in 2000.  The mine, mine buildings and equipment remain undamaged.

there's really a building in here
A Stone Building almost completely covered by Vegetation

kind of cozy, huh?
A Fireplace On The Left..A Bed Frame and Loft on the Right

we could cook in here
The Kitchen

the heater is made from a 50 gallon drum
A Homemade Heater in Another Bedroom

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