Steve, Gary, Cat, Jim, Tim & Tracy


the mill can be seen from Interstate 80 just south of Lovelock
This Is The Toulon Mill

it's in better condition than most mills we see
This Mill Is Not In The Best Of Shape

the outside panels are metal
Another view of the Mill

The Toulon Mill dates from 1892  The ball mill was used to process tungston and other metals until it ceased operation in the 1930s.  As we walked through the mill buildings we noticed the warped floorboards and giant furnaces.  Hundreds of pigeons have taken up residence in the various parts of the mill.  The Toulon Mill is located on private property and requires permission to enter.

the furnaces are full of pigeons
The Massive Furnace Complex Reseembles High Rise Buildings In a Big City

there was a lot to see
Cat Inspects One of The Furnaces

that is a big gear
Tracy & Steve Explore The Mill

this is a massive mill
These Are Two Large Air Compressors

More Toulon Mill

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