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The next several pages contain pictures of various items that we have discovered during our search for ghost towns. These "things" may be the remains of mining equipment, cars, buildings, or just about anything that may eventually find its way into the desert. They may be from the glory days of prospecting, or the modern days of strip mining. They may be the only things left from a town long gone. They might even be things that don't belong where we find them. Whatever they may be, if they are not already pictured with a ghost town listed on this web site, they will be pictured here. As we continue to discover "things", they will be added here.

1974 trip
Found At An Abandoned Ranch

1975 trip
Pat & Mark On Mining Equipment Found At Como

1976 trip
Steve By Modern (?) Mining Equipment Found Near Scossa

1976 trip
Location Unknown

1976 trip
Abandoned House Trailer Used By A Modern Day Mining Company

1974 trip
We Found A Swimming Pool Fed By A HotSpring In The Middle Of The Desert

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