Steve, Gary, Cat, Brian & Laura ( several trips)


this appears abandoned
One of several buildings in Sylvania

these seem to be abandoned
More Sylvania buildings

interesting things inside
Storage Shed

The camp of Sylvania was formed around 1872 after lead-silver ores were discovered in the Sylvania mountains.  In 1875 a thirty ton smelter was built.  After a four year run, all major operations ceased with only small operators still working.  A complete newer mill which ceased operation around 1976 remains today along with some newer buildings and the remains of the original mill and buildings.  Sylvania was occupied when we first visited in the 1970s.  The condition of two buildings indicates that they are still sometimes occupied.

Cat checks out something by the tree
Main Street

the interior is in good condition
This Building may be occupied part time

more interesting stuff in here, too
A larger storage building

one of the original buildings
Abandoned Cabin

More Sylvania

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