Steve, Pat, Dale & Giles (several trips)


this was probably a store
One of the many Buildings in Sulphur

this building was in excellent condition
Pat checks out a Building made of Railroad Ties

Sulphur is the most "modern" town we have discovered.  In 1869, an Indian discovered sulphur deposits in this area.  Some mining started in 1874, and by 1880, six tons were produced daily.  In 1889, extensive sulphur mining operations began.  The Western Pacific Railway laid lines in 1909 and named the station Sulphur.  A settlement, which included a post office, was formed as the receiving point for the mined sulphur.  By the 1920s, production was up to 12 tons a day.  The automobile age eliminated the need for a local store.  By 1953, the post office closed.  When we first visited Sulphur in 1980, the town was completely abandoned, and the mine located in the mountains was shut down.  The town buildings contained various artifacts from the early 50s.  Several 1950s vintage cars in various stages of disrepair were scattered throughout the area.  By 1983, the town had completely disappeared.  A dirt runway had been constructed, and the mine resumed operation.

we checked out all these buildings
Pat walks the Entire Town

the sulphur mines are in the mountains
More Sulphur Buildings

it's HOT on this desert floor
The Railroad is still in use

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