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this was probably a store
This Building is made of Stone

too bad the roof wasn't good
Another Stone Building

this is cozy
A Log Cabin

this is in good condition
This Building is built on a Stone Foundation

Gold and Silver were discovered in Stateline canyon in 1894 and a mining district was quickly formed.   Two years later, rich gold and silver discoveries at the Ophir mine touched off a small stampede to the area.   The town of Stateline grew quickly with twelve active mines. By 1903, Stateline had three general stores, a fine hotel, two saloons, blacksmith shop, shoemaker, restaurant, a newspaper, post office, several mills, and a daily stage.   Extensive mining continued until 1910 when the high grade ore ran out.   Miners and businesses gradually drifted away, and by 1918 , there were only 18 people left in town.   Mining activity continued off and on until, in 1984, the mill was closed down by the EPA for environmental concerns.   Our 1999 visit revealed an intact mill, several buildings, signs of a recent fire, and one person still living there.   Our 2009 visit revealed little change except that the area may now be totally abandoned.

another bad roof
One of the Many Buildings in Stateline

this one is made of wood...and it has a good roof!!
Another Stateline Building

wanna sleep here?(it's got a good roof)
This Metal Building housed an Air Compressor

the windows are intact
Another Stateline Building

it's got a good roof
This one is made from Stone

Fire Damage In Stateline

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