Steve, Gary & Derek


this roof is still good!
One of the few Remaining Original Rock Buildings

the weeds are taking over
Remains of Rock Buildings dot the Landscape

Silverbow came to life shortly after silver discoveries in 1904.  One year later, Silverbow embraced a post office, stores, saloons, meat company, and a newspaper.  The first silver shipments were made in early 1906.  However, Silverbow lasted only until mid-year before joining the multitude of dead towns in the county.  A small revival in 1913, and again in 1920 didn't last long enough to sustain a camp.  Silverbow is a well secluded campsite with plenty of firewood available.  A few buildings, along with a graveyard about a mile from town, are all that remain.

this building is probably from the later revivals
One of the few Metal Buildings in the Area

we slept outside
Derek Stands by The Cheap Jeep at our Campsite

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