Steve, Gary, Cat, Jim & Brian (several trips)


the mill was burned by vandals
Mill Foundations Mark the Site of the Once Great Mill

the roof has collapsed
One of the Many Standing Buildings in Simon

almost hidden
Many Buildings Are Build Between the Trees

Simon became a town in 1919.  It took many years since silver-lead discoveries in 1879 before Simon became a town.  The creation of the Simon Silver-Lead Mines Company and the installation of a post office in 1919 finally gave Simon the importance it deserved.  In 1921 a 100 ton flotation mill began treating ore. By 1923, the mill was treating 250 tones each day.  As with most mining towns, the ore finally ran out and the mill shut down in 1927 after producing over $740,000.

lots of hiking here
Gary Checks Out Some Simon Buildings

we camped in this building due to rain
This Building is Older than it Looks

another building in Simon
Most of Simon's Buildings Were Made of Wood

more wooden buildings
Many Buildings Dot the Area

buildings are falling down
This Building Has Seen Better Days

used by recent mine workers
The Only New Building in Town

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