Steve, Gary, Cat & Brian


all made of wood
The Rochester Mill

the mill is deterioriting
Another view of the Mill

the inside is void of any equipment
Inside the Mill

In 1913, 2200 men established the mining camps of Rochester and Lower Rochester.  Rochester no longer exists and the area is presently mined by a modern day mining company.  Lower Rochester is pictured here.  In 1914, the Nevada Short Line Railway was extended to Lower Rochester and a new 100-ton mill was constructed.  By 1915, Lower Rochester, with its post office and businesses was the district's largest camp.  The mines produced their best in the 1920s, but by 1942, most operations ceased.

UPDATE 2012:   Rochester was destroyed by fire in 2012.

this will be gone soon
Equipment Building

we found a rattle snake in this one
More Buildings are in the area

More Rochester

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