Reward Mine

Steve Ricketts and Gary Bombalicki


no more water here
The Only Building at the Reward Mine

it's a long, steep, rocky climb
Two Headframes Are Higher Up The Mountain

The Reward Mine overlooks the Owens Valley from high atop the West face of the Inyo Mountains.  Our first "discovery" wasn't the mine, but the abandoned runway we crossed on the way to the mine. We located the aircraft tiedowns and former hanger locations.  We can only guess that it was used by the military to transport detainees to the nearby Manzanar re-location camp during world war II, although other websites dispute this.  The Reward Mine area consists of a building and watertank, then a steep, rocky hike to the mine and headframe located further up the mountain.  A short drive takes you through a "drive through" mine.  Since the Reward Mine is located close to a major highway, has very little wood for campfires and is posted "No Camping", we do not consider it secluded nor do we recommend camping.

we located lots of tram cables
One Of The Headframes

the Sierra Nevada mountains are in the background
Looking Down On The Owens Valley

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