Steve, Gary, Jim, & Cat


the mill was built from local rocks
The Remains of the Large Mill in Park Canyon

all the mill equipment has been removed
View from the Rear of the Mill

Silver discoveries in 1864 led to the formation of Park Canyon in 1865.   The huge stone mill was built in 1867 and ran until 1869.   The population never exceeded 50 people before being abandoned in 1870.  There were several revivals in 1885 and 1886.   The largest revival was from 1905 to 1916.   The walls of the large stone mill remain today with scattered cabins and foundations in the mountains.  Some people have speculated that this large stone structure wasn't a mill at all, but rather a "mansion" house built by a rich Hawaiian.   We disagree.   The stepped construction is typical of a mill.   Close inspection reveals equipment foundations within the stone walls that could only be used for heavy mill equipment.   With plenty of available wood, the mill and beautiful forest setting around us, and a great view accross the valley to thunderstorms over the next mountain range, camping here was a pleasure.

the mill looks a little like a castle
This Building was the only standing Structure we could find in the Canyon

it is unknown if this mine was connected to the mill
We discovered a small Mining Operation at the Mouth of Park Canyon

one cylinder air compressor drive shaft
This is an Air Compressor Crankshaft with a broken drive Wheel

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