Gary, Steve, Cat & Jim


all in good condition
Equipment Building and a Metal Headframe

how do you start this?
Cat checks out a Hoist

we've seen a lot of these
Ore Bin

After placer gold was discovered in 1872  the Osceola district was established.  Lack of water to wash the gravel initially hindered the development.   In 1880, the Osceola Placer Mining Company began 20 years of operations, with the best years being after 1884 when canals were built to deliver water to the area.   The company used hydraulic hoses until 1900 when the canals lost their efficiency.   At its peak, Osceola had a population of over 1000 residents.  A fire in 1880 destroyed a large portion of the town.  The fire and deterioration of the canals were the primary reasons that major work ended.  However, various individuals continued working claims.   They supported a store, saloons, and the post office, which finally closed in 1920.   A large cemetery remains, along with a few buildings and mining equipment.  Mining companies continue working in the immediate area today.   Camping is not recommended.

lots of graves
The Osceola Cemetery

one family
More Graves at Osceola

must have used wooden markers
Several Unmarked Graves

several graves from the 1800s
Charles Bussey 1843-1887

Flight Picture

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