Steve, Gary, Cat & Brian (two trips)


this is the first thing you see as you enter the area
The Remains of a Stone Building

not much was here
One of the many Mines in the Area

typical of the area
One of many Fallen Buildings

In 1909, Gold, and later silver, were discovered in the area.  Several prospectors staked out six different claims in 1911.  By 1915, over 1,500 tons of high grade ore were processed while an additional 1,200 tons of lower grade ore were processed from the tailing piles.  A real problem with the area was the daily seepage of 100,000 gallons of water into the mines.  Ownership of the area mines changed hands several times until 1949.  By then a total of $128,000 worth of ore had been extracted.  At peak activity, silver was only selling for sixty cents an ounce.  We observed several buildings scattered over a wide area during our 2004 visit.  The area is well secluded.  However, one of the buildings (not pictured) is sometimes occupied.

nothing was in either building
Two More Buildings in the Area

possible use was to store explosives
A Stone Building Built Into The Hillside

one of many buildings in the area
This Stone Building is in Good Condition

good to use in case it rains, right?
A Metal Building From Recent Mining Activity

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