OPHIR CANYON (Toiyable City)

Steve, Gary, Derek & Todd


cute, isn't it?
One of many Rock Buildings in Ophir Canyon

see our firepit at the base of the rock wall?
We Used This Wall as a Windbreak When We Camped

Silver discoveries in 1863 led to the construction of a 2 1/2 mile road into Ophir Canyon.  This steep road attained a grade of 10% and had nine wooden bridges crossing creeks.  The town of Toiyable City sprang to life with a population of 400.  As the mining camp grew, the name was changed to Ophir Canyon.  A twenty stamp mill built of native rock was constructed.  The area's rock was so hard that it took over 2,500 man hours to sink a ten foot shaft.18,000 drill steels were sharpened each month for the forty man crew.  By 1869, the lack of millable ore and company mismanagement forced the area mines to close.  The graveyard and mining equipment are easily located at the mouth of the canyon.  The lower area is well secluded, and wood is available for campfires.  A difficult, steep climb over streams, loose rock and shale will bring you to the rock buildings.  Camping at this high altitude is even more secluded.  Wood is tough to find, but it is available if you are willing to cut down dead trees.  Ophir Canyon can be seen on our video... GHOST TOWN TRAVELS

the mill equipment is long gone
This Building was once a Large Mill

this is still usable
A Furnace

could this have once been the equipment that was in the mill?
Todd Investigates Mining Equipment At the Mouth of Ophir Canyon

there's lots of equipment here
Gary Gets a Good View from the top of more Mining Equipment

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