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we took the hard way in.  Several buildings like this one are scattered throughout the mountains
The First Building Seen If You Approach From The West

several mines are in the area...all open, but flooded
The Remains of a Headframe

many buildings are scattered over two different locations
Two of Old Hachita's several Buildings

Prospectors discovered turquoise, gold, silver, and copper in the Little Hatchet Mountains in 1875.   Although the area was remote, and the threat of Apache Indian attack was very real, Hachita (Spanish for "Little Hatchet") evolved into a town consisting of a steam smelting works, three saloons, two general stores, a post office, and the operations of several mining companies.  In 1882, Hachita had a population of about three hundred people.  The major mines were the Hornet, the King, and the American National.  The Southern Pacific Railroad came within 45 miles as it was being built eastward from Tucson to El Paso.  By 1890, the ore was diminishing and what remained was no longer cost effective to mine. As operations ceased, the population dwindled to 25.   The post office finally closed in 1898.  In 1902, construction of the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad brought tracks within a few miles of Hachita.  A railroad town was built to provide a water stop for the railroad and this new town took the name Hachita.  The mining town then became known as "Old Hachita".

other buildings can be seen in the distance
The view from someone's Window

most buildings were made of adobe
Another Old Hachita Building

most of the roofs are long gone
Another Adobe Building

lots of mining machinery remains
This Building was probably the Mill

More Old Hachita

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