Steve, Gary, Cat & Jim (Rob & Brad on previous trip)


It's been many years since we last saw Nivloc
This Building Was In Much Better Shape When We Saw It In The 70s

now used for core sample storage
These Buildings Haven't Changed Much Over The Years

Nivloc Is one of the newer ghost towns we have visited.  Gold discoveries in 1907 led to the creation of this one saloon camp named Nivloc.  This small mining camp was active throughout the 1930s & 1940s.  This recent activity explains the presence of electric motors instead of steam engines.  Modern day mining activity continues today in the nearby town of Silverpeak.  For this reason, we have never camped at Nivloc.

there is still some activity here
The Metal Headframe Remains

Jim walks across the bridge
This Ore Cart Bridge Is Just As Strong As It Was In The 70s

mostly intact
The Old Water Tank Is Still Here

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