More Orizaba

Steve, Gary, Cat & Brian (two trips)


the mill equipment is missing
We found a small Mill nearby

not much left in here?
Gary and Brian check out the interior

this was a nice, well kept area
Gary exits the local Outhouse

we were very surprised
This house held a surprise

this is livable
This place is NICE!!

there's even pots and pans
There's even a classic wood burning stove

obviously this place is kept up
A bed by the window

We found a book inside this house  that visitors used to sign and write a "thank you" note to whoever owns this cabin.   The notes indicated that we were welcome to stay, but please take care of the place and leave it as we found it.   It reminded us of a similar house in Scossa that we visited off and on for many years.   It was recently burned.   We hope that doesn't happen to this place..

Flight Picture

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