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a partial roof still exists
Another Adobe Building

look closley.   There is an inner adobe wall and an outer adobe wall.   This was a building in a building.   The inner building remained cool...perfect for storing dynamite
What is It? (mouse over picture to find out)

in the main part of town, several buildings were large, with basements and two upstairs levels
This is the remains of one Large Building

The main part of town had the largest buildings.  Many buildings had several levels, wood and tile floors, and marked walking paths.  Although both sections have mines, the "main" part of town with the larger buildings is located west of the mining area where the remains of the mill can be seen.

there's a basement, several rooms and levels.   Notice the front stairs and marked walking path
This Was The Largest Building In Town

this building had both wooden floors and tile floors
A view from inside the Largest Building

looking south
Several Ruins

all these buildings are in the main part of town
More Abandoned Adobe Buildings

More Old Hachita

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