Steve, Gary, Cat, Derek, Brian, Rob & Brad


the water tank is in the background
More Buildings and a Water Tank

Brian really liked this tank
A large ore processing tank

Jumbo's buildings are in better condition than other towns we have visited due to the fact that the town didn't die off until the 1950s.  The area has been mined again in recent years by modern day mining companies.   When the mining was no longer profitable, they pulled out...leaving some of their equipment behind.  Jumbo is located in a well secluded area.  Camping is excellent.  Plenty of wood is available for campfires.  The mines are all blasted shut.

this thing is BIG!!
Derek checks out a large Earth Mover

Steve ALMOST got this one running
Another Earth Mover

the 2008 ghost town hunters
Gary, Steve, Cat & Brian (2008 trip)

Flight Picture

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