Steve, Gary, Derek, Rob, Brad, Pat S., Pat M., Jeff, Dale, Cat & Laura does not encourage anyone to enter abandoned mines.   Our purpose here is to present a historical perspective and an entertaining viewpoint to the many old mines of the West.  Although we have been exploring old mines for more than 35 years, we are by no means experts in this field.   Some of the many dangers include deep, open vertical shafts, rotten or missing ladders, rotten or missing support timbers, loose rock, coller cave-ins, water, carbon monoxide/carbon dioxide, and explosives.   Even if someone were to survive a mine accident, the remote location of most mines causes lengthy delays in any rescue attempts.   All mines shown on this site were thoroughly examined, with all suitable precautions taken when documenting these sites.   We do not take responsibility for any injuries or death which may occur by visiting these mines nor will we provide any directions.


WARNING!!  This Mine is EXTREAMLY Unsafe!!  We have made many trips to the Grantsville Mine since 1972, and it has always proven to be a very safe, stable, unchanged mine.   Our 2009 visit revealed that the stability we have enjoyed for over 30 years has vanished.   Gradual seepage of water into the mine has loosened rock and caused many cave-ins.   This mine doesn't even resemble the mine it was two years ago.   Most shafts are caved in, support timbers are rotted, iron tracks are rusty, and rock is loose.   Although this was once a safe mine to recommend to visitors, that is no longer the case.   We have made our last trip into the Grantsville Mine, and strongly suggest that no one enter this unsafe mine.   At this rate of deterioration, most of the mine will probably cave in within a year or two.

the colors were beautiful
This is a Mineral Deposit left on the Walls by Water seepage into the Mine

deposits like this are all over the interior
Mineral Deposits left on the floor by water seepage from the ceiling

the ladder is still good
Gary descends down to a lower level

many years of water seepage causes these deposits to build up
We find more Mineral Deposits on the floor

this guy's been hanging here for many years
This is a Petrified Bat

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